Driving With Our Eyes Shut:
The TV Show

  • 2010
  • SD
  • 4:3

Berggoetz is the head writer, lead actor, and director of Driving With Our Eyes Shut, a sketch comedy TV show. The comedy ranges from the bizarre to the subtle, and from silly to sophisticated. The pilot episode was shot in summer 2008 and is now in post-production. Once the pilot is finished, Berggoetz will shop the show around to various networks. Contact us if you are interested in viewing the pilot episode.


  • Directed by Glenn Berggoetz
  • Produced by Glenn Berggoetz


  • Glenn Berggoetz
  • Elena Chin
  • Tayla Ealom
  • Joe “Hip Hop Joe” Filippone
  • Stuart Goldstein
  • Baird Lefter
  • Jeff McBride
  • Greg Nemer
  • John Schmidt
  • Lauren Von Engeln
  • Cami Garrett
  • Haidyn Harvey
  • Hughy James
  • Eileen Barker


  • Edited by John Schmidt
  • Cinematography by Adam Madsen, Brian Cabrera, Nick Falls
  • Sound by John Miller