Driving With Our Eyes Shut has the rights to more than a dozen feature film scripts that are completed and awaiting a production deal. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about a particular script.

Midget Zombie Takeover II

Nick and Harry are two twenty-something slackers who live at home. When Harry inherits a little money, he and Nick decide to try to use that money to try to meet hot chicks by pretending to be movie producers. Just as it appears that their plan might be working out, crazed midget zombies begin to appear, and it may be up to Nick and Harry to save the planet from the midget zombie takeover attempt. (92 pages)

To Die is Still Hard

In this mockumentary about the people who made the film To Die is Hard, we find Glenn trying to shoot a sequel to To Die is Hard in which he utilizes an all-child cast, Baird and Greg have formed a dance duo, Will has started up a children’s show which he co-hosts with a sock puppet named Tommy, Haidyn has just gotten out of re-hab and is trying to revive her career, and Alan has started up a sketch comedy show that stars Eileen and Ashley. Tempers flare, egos clash, and love blossoms in the most awkward of ways. (112 pages)

Savage Evil

Samantha thinks the horrible screams she hears in her dreams at night are coming from her long-dead brother who is trying to communicate with her from the other side. But she eventually realizes the screams are not from her brother, and that her life is in danger. (87 pages)

Johnny Cosmo – Lounge Singing Legend

In the 1980s Johnny Cosmo was at the top of the music world as the guy who sang the “Turn around” line in “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Now he’s working as a middle-aged, sex-crazed, gyrating lounge singer in New York City as he tries to make it back to the top. But will true love get in his way? (97 pages)

Jerry and Denny Need Therapy

Jerry and Denny are two fairly normal, middle class guys, with one exception — they’re both completely neurotic. Their neuroses have kept them from developing meaningful relationships with women, but now Jerry has decided it’s time to work through his issues and ask out the portly Maria. (109 pages)

Someone Else’s Past

In this dramatic script, Lacey and Brad were the best of friends while growing up, but one horrific event sent their lives in drastically different directions. When they cross paths again a decade later, they try to rebuild their friendship while refusing to acknowledge that one event in their past. But when that event can no longer be ignored, consequences will be paid. (117 pages)

Fading to Black

Robert’s case of Alzheimer’s is getting rapidly worse, but before he loses all his memories, he has to get away from the unsympathetic cousin who is his guardian and make one last trip back to his hometown to attend to some final business. (85 pages)

You Da Man

Bob chucks aside his mind-numbing office job to pursue his dream of being a professional putt-putter. But does he have what it takes? And will he wilt under the pressure when he comes face-to-face with his idol, the hugely obese putt-putt star Rex Walker? (100 pages)

Waiting for Evening to Come

It’s rural Indiana in the 1950s, and elderly African American Benjamin befriends young Jack, who is white and whose father is openly racist. Benjamin and Jack’s friendship is put through many tests, but they both emerge wiser, though sometimes scarred, for their experiences. (94 pages)

The Secret Thoughts of Waiters

Tom is a cynical, jaded waiter who can’t get a date because of his attitude. But when fellow waiter Jeff bets him their tip money for the night that Tom can’t get a date with a customer before the night is through, Tom has to try to turn on the charm, regardless of how poorly some customers treat him. (110 pages)

The Nigel Experience

Nigel is a professor who begins to notice that the strange, satirical astrological forecasts in a weekly alternative newspaper come true for him each week. When he starts living his life by these absurd astrological forecasts, will it cost him his career and his family? (114 pages)

Slumber Party II – The Terror Begins

In this spoof of the horror movie genre, an overweight, diaper-wearing maniac uses bizarre methods for extracting revenge on the teens who have made his life an embarrassing hell. (104 pages)

Goat Hills

The employees at lavish Goat Hills Country Club have to endure the buffoonery of the members while also dealing with their own issues: 26-year old virgin Alan has a mystery person harassing him for sex, Bob is in love with the already-taken new waitress, and Jack and Ed prepare their comedy routine for an open mic night. Meanwhile, club president Richard Headley goes to great lengths to keep Goat Hills all white. (119 pages)

Two Loves

This romantic comedy follows a minor league baseball player who suffers a freak eye injury that improves his sight and vaults him to the major leagues where he finds something he never thought he would – true love. (120 pages)

You’re Andrea Wade, and We’re Married

In this romantic comedy, Glenn wants to marry his long-time girlfriend Andrea, but she’s afraid of marriage. When Andrea suffers a concussion while they’re vacationing together in Las Vegas, Glenn convinces her that just prior to her suffering the concussion – during the hours she has no memory of – they got married. Now Glenn has to go to great lengths to protect his lie. (104 pages)