To Die is Hard

  • 2010
  • 87 minutes
  • HD
  • 2.35:1

To Die is Hard on IMDb

When terrorists invade a college campus, Dr. Joe McCann shows that he’s not just an English professor, he’s an action hero. Utilizing a variety of improvised martial arts techniques, Joe begins to pick off the terrorists one by one. But does Joe have what it takes to take out terrorist mastermind Anton and save the hostages?


  • Written and directed by Glenn Berggoetz
  • Director of Photography: Alan Dague-Greene


  • Glenn Berggoetz as Joe McCann
  • Baird Lefter as Anton
  • Lauren von Engeln as Amy
  • Greg Nemer as Det. Al Stimpson
  • Will Beckingham as Stewart
  • Stephanie VanGels as Sandy
  • Haidyn Harvey as Emily
  • Lauren Yormack as Gina
  • Ashley Henkle as Andrea
  • Jeff McBride as Jeff
  • Eileen Barker as Scarlet
  • Stuart Goldstein as Turk
  • Diane Henry as The Sitting Woman


  • Editing and visual effects by Alan Dague-Greene
  • Sound by Nick Falls
  • Combat choreography by Greg Nemer
  • Production assistant: Diane Henry
  • Production assistant: Kirk Vissat