• 2009
  • 76 minutes
  • SD
  • 16:9

A feature-length comedy written, directed, and produced by Berggoetz about Dr. Mark Jenkins, a psychologist who bullies patients he doesn’t like, flirts with patients he does like, and makes up theories and treatments as he goes. Dr. Jenkins may be the world’s worst therapist.


  • Written and directed by Glenn Berggoetz
  • Director of Photography: Nick Falls


  • Greg Nemer as Dr. Mark Jenkins
  • Benjamin Whitehair as Jason
  • Giovanna Leah as Gia
  • Laurie Clemens as Eileen
  • Joe “Hip Hop Joe” Filippone as Joe
  • Glenn Berggoetz as Chet
  • Lola Manning as Emilie
  • Tara Earle as Tara
  • Elena Chin as Elena
  • Ashley Henkle as Ashley
  • Lauren Wendt as Lauren
  • Tom Doyle as Tom
  • Lauren Yormack as Becki
  • Libby Baker as Libby


  • Edited by Nick Falls
  • Cinematography by Tom Doyle, Eugene Yanza
  • Sound by John Schmidt
  • Production Assistants: Jeff Johnson, Adam Madsen