Bad Movies, Good Showers, and Civil Engineers

  • 2008
  • 19 minutes
  • SD
  • 2.35:1

A comedy that follows the conversations simultaneously taking place at four different tables in a restaurant. The conversations range from neurotic to bold, and from silly to almost non-existent.


  • Written and directed by Glenn Berggoetz
  • Director of Photography: Andrew Green


  • Eileen Barker as Bored Woman
  • Glenn Berggoetz as Bored Man
  • Jason W. Griffith as Guy #1
  • Joe Filippone as Guy #2
  • Jonathan Jorgensen as Guy #3
  • Libby Baker as Woman #1
  • Andrea Rabold as Woman #2
  • Ryan Robins as Man #1
  • Mark David Nelson as Man #2
  • Elena Chin as Server
  • Restaurant patrons: Lisa Crabbs, Shannon Wilkerson


  • Editing and visual effects by Alan Dague-Greene
  • Cinematography by Alan Dague-Greene, Eugene Yanza
  • Lighting design by Reed Embrey
  • Sound by Erik Lassi
  • Production Assistants: Will Beckingham, Lisa Crabbs, Kirk Starks, Brian Swanson, Jeff McBride